Akron Thermal, L.P. provides steam heat to more than 17 million square feet of buildling space in downtown Akron, Ohio. Akron Thermal Cooling, L.L.C., a subsidiary of Akron Thermal, L.P., provides chilled water cooling to a section of downtown Akron.

where rubber meets the road: scrap tire viable fuel in akron
akron thermal, lp second quarter 2006
In the mid 1990's, Akron Thermal LP took a proactive approach to reduce its reliance on natural gas at its Akron, Ohio, district energy facility. The company engaged in some 'new thinking' about fuel diversification, restarting a coal-fired boiler in late 1994 and introducing recycled waste wood in early 1996. Although waste wood was available, there were hurdles... These hurdles forced management to look for the ideal fuel supplement - a solution that would be environmentally acceptable, readily available and would provide the added Btus needed to complement the operation without requirint it to turn to expensive natural gas. The answer: scrap tires, or 'tire-derived fuel' (TDF). [ full story ]

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