Thermal Ventures II, L.P. specializes in acquiring and operating district energy systems. Our plants provide energy-efficient, environmentally friendly heating and cooling services in densely populated central business districts and industrial and campus settings. Our customers use our services as an alternative to operating their own steam boilers, chillers or other energy systems.

what is district energy?

District energy is not a new technology. Nor is it a technology we have to wait to test or to research. It is here today, it works today and it holds great promise for our nation. District energy systems produce steam, hot water or chilled water at central plants, and then pipe that energy to buildings in a district for space heating and air conditioning. Individual buildings don't need their own boilers or furnaces, chillers or air conditioners. A district energy system does that work for them.

District energy is efficient, environmentally sound, easy to operate and maintain, reliable, comfortable and convenient. Building managers using district energy enjoy lower life-cycle costs and design flexibility.

The International District Energy Association (IDEA), a trade organization to which Thermal Ventures II belongs, provides information about the benefits of district energy and answers frequently asked questions about district energy. Thermal Ventures II also belongs to the U.S. Combined Heat and Power Association (USCHPA).

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