Thermal Ventures II, L.P. specializes in acquiring and operating district energy systems. Our plants provide energy-efficient, environmentally friendly heating and cooling services in densely populated central business districts and industrial and campus settings. Our customers use our services as an alternative to operating their own steam boilers, chillers or other energy systems.

new boiler control systems represent an investment in steam production
detroit thermal, llc spring 2006
As part of its multi-year, $22 million capital improvement program, Detroit Thermal recently upgraded the controls on boilers Number 1 and 2. They are now equipped with electronic computerized burner management control systems that allow an operator in the control room to monitor and change many aspects of the steam generation system. [ full story ]

where rubber meets the road: scrap tire viable fuel in akron
akron thermal, lp second quarter 2006
In the mid 1990's, Akron Thermal LP took a proactive approach to reduce its reliance on natural gas at its Akron, Ohio, district energy facility. The company engaged in some 'new thinking' about fuel diversification, restarting a coal-fired boiler in late 1994 and introducing recycled waste wood in early 1996. Although waste wood was available, there were hurdles... These hurdles forced management to look for the ideal fuel supplement - a solution that would be environmentally acceptable, readily available and would provide the added Btus needed to complement the operation without requirint it to turn to expensive natural gas. The answer: scrap tires, or 'tire-derived fuel' (TDF). [ full story ]

a grand old boiler yields to its modern successors
detroit thermal, llc spring 2006
In its day, boiler Number 5 was the pride of Beacon Heating Plant. The 15-story-tall boiler was one of the largest coal-fired boilers in the world. But boiler Number 5's place in history - and in Detroit's district heating operation - has passed and it is being replaced with more efficient boilers, as part of Detroit Thermal's modernization program. [ full story ]

detroit thermal sponsors super bowl party which aids charities
detroit thermal, llc spring 2006
Super Bowl XL was more than football and fun. It was an opportunity to help local charities through the Motor City Touchdown party. Detroit Thermal was one of the sponsors of the event, which attracted more than 1,500 people to the hangar at Coleman A. Young Municipal Airport (City Airport) for an evening that featured decroations, music and foods unique to Detriot. [ full story ]

akron, ohio plant operations begin
akron thermal, Ip 2005
Akron Thermal Cooling, L.L.C., opened in 2005, and now provides chilled water cooling to a section of downtown Akron that includes a 2,000,000-square-foot office building and light industrial park, the Akron baseball stadium, an adjacent office building and the Akron Civic Theater.

detroit landmark restaurant contracts with detroit thermal
detroit thermal, llc 2004
Good Detroit Thermal service helps ensure Detroit eatery's good customer service. The Checker Bar & Grill, a landmark in downtown Detroit, Michigan, is famous for its hamburgers and was named the restaurant with the "Best Burgers in Detroit by local subscribers of AOL. The popular eatery, located on Cadillac Square, has been owned and operated by the Munro family for more than 50 years. Sisters Karen and Kathy Munro, who now run the restaurant, focus on maintaining its reputation for friendly service as well as good food... and the attention the Munro sisters pay to their customers helped them appreciate the service they received recently from Detroit Thermal. [ full story ]

company and employees help fight homelessness in detroit
detroit thermal, llc december 2004
Detroit Thermal and its employees worked with Coalition on Temporary Shelter - Detroit (COTS) to help solve the problem of homelessness in Detroit. The company contributed funds to help COTS meet the expenses involved in providing emergency shelter, transitional housing and supportive housing for physically or mentally challenged homeless adults. Detroit Thermal employees contributed in other ways, in December of 2004 they donated new and almost-new clothing for COTS residents. [ full story ]

company makes first filing with MPSC
detroit thermal, llc 2003
Detroit Thermal made its first rate filing before the Michigan Public Service Commission. The MPSC will review the rates and service standards outlined in the filing and allow opportunities for discussion before ruling on it. The process takes a number of months to complete. [ full story ]

boiler at beacon plant gets a summertime overhaul
detroit thermal, llc 2003
Reliability and efficiency are top priorities at Detroit Thermal, L.L.C. - which is why the company undertook a complete re-tube of Beacon Heating's boiler #1 during the summer of 2003. [ full story ]

brew pub uses steam to bring food, fun, and beer to downtown detroit
detroit thermal, llc 2003
Brewmaster Pat Scanlon says it takes only four ingredients to make good beer: water, malted barley, hops and yeast. But that is where the science of beer making ends and the art begins. And Scalon, who has been a brewmaster for nine years, has mastered both the art and the science. Scalon oversees the brewing of many popular beers at the Rochester Mills Beer Company in Rochester, New York; the Royal Oak Brewery and the newly opened Detroit Beer Company in the Hartz Building at 1529 Broadway, in downtown Detroit, Michigan The Detroit Beer Company recently joined the Detroil Thermal steam system. [ full story ]

quick response to blackout crises
detroit thermal, llc 2003
The August 14, 2003 blackout that shut down electric power to more than 50 million people in the country's north coast, New York and Ontario, also shut down the Detroit Thermal steam system. As electricity from DTE Energy failed throughout the region, Detroit Thermal lost the power it needed to run the boiler and steam system controls, plant and control room lighting, sump pumps and telephones. [ full story ]

thermal ventures II adds the detroit system
thermal ventures ll

Thermal Ventures II, .L.P, a company with extensive experience in district heating and cooling, aquired the downtown Detroit steam system formerly owned by Detroit Edison. The new entity, Detroit Thermal, L.L.C., headquartered at the Beacon Plant on Madison Avenue in downtown Detroit, Michigan, has been formed to run the system. [ full story ]

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