Thermal Ventures II, L.P. specializes in acquiring and operating district energy systems. Our plants provide energy-efficient, environmentally friendly heating and cooling services in densely populated central business districts and industrial and campus settings. Our customers use our services as an alternative to operating their own steam boilers, chillers or other energy systems.

youngstown thermal, llc

Youngstown Thermal, L.L.C. provides steam heat to about 50 businesses in and near downtown Youngstown, Ohio, including Youngstown State University. The distribution network includes about six miles of pipeline. Our Youngstown boiler plant includes three coal-fired boilers and one gas-fired boiler.

youngstown thermal cooling, llc

Youngstown Thermal Cooling, L.L.C. provides cooling services to businesses on the west end of downtown Youngstown, Ohio. Its system includes 900 feet of distribution piping and a 1,000-ton steam-driven chiller.

236 N. Champion Street • Youngstown, OH 44503-1653 • p 330.747.3800 f 330.747.5626